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Have you been trying to sell your house or condo with no results?

Is your listing contract with your current Realtor expiring?  Do you want to try a different direction?

Are you tired of leaving your home every other day to show your property but now you just want it SOLD?

There are always reasons why your home has not sold:

  • The pricing strategy?
  • The selling strategy?
  • The preparation before it was listed?
  • Inexperienced listing agent?

We fully respect your listing agreement and any existing agency relationships.  We will not ever attempt to persuade you to break your current contract.  However, at the end of your existing agency relationship or if you are looking for the best representation, please do contact us.  We believe in doing business ethically and respectfully.  But if you have not had much luck, we would be happy to discuss where the opportunities lie.  Having the strongest listing agent in your corner is the best decision you can do to sell your home.  Let us know if we can help!

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