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This is a personal question that no one can answer except you.  At, we fully respect and appreciate your decisions as they are based on your personal situation or your family.  However, we would be privileged to guide you through the process.

Perhaps you need to know whether you can get your target price to decide whether to sell? 

Or maybe, you need to know whether you can sell by a certain time? 

Whether it’s due to financial situations, needing to relocate, or simply wanting to take advantage of the market to maximize your profits, we will advise you according to your situation to ensure you are doing what’s right for YOU.

No one can predict the future.  But if you are considering selling, do give us a call or an email.  We are not interested in pushing you to do anything you don’t want to do.  We are here to build a trusting relationship, with only your best interests at heart!

When should I sell my house?

If you are looking to sell now.  Timing is everything. Buy low, sell high and right now, the housing market is high. But the question a lot of homeowners are asking is “When will the Vancouver real estate market crash?”

The Vancouver housing market does have all the earmarks of a slow down.   Today’s housing market is fed by International money.   And they can’t buy in the US because of the high prices there.  So they’re coming here where their kids can get a first-rate education and become citizenships in Canada.  They definitely see a home as an investment and their money will continue to fuel the Vancouver market.

Selling with experts means you may get an over asking price which is very common right now. There are no promises of course, but strategy within a good market might bring you a phenomenal price.    Contact us now to discuss your options.

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