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When you decide to sell your home we will be happy to discuss all the details of selling home costs in Vancouver.

Are you tired of hidden fees?

Tired of selling for a price you’re happy with, just to see that the money back to you wasn’t what you expected?

Selling a home may involve partial property taxes, commission fees, lawyer/notary fees, GST, Capital Gains Tax, and other potential taxes related to your personal situation.

At, we advise all incurring fees so you know exactly how to plan your finances correctly.  We are in the business to keep your best interest at heart, and we do so with 100% transparency.  We understand you are the decision maker as it’s your home and your profits.  Our job is to maximize your profits at any given time.  At the end of the day, you need to do what’s right for you and your family.

Here are a few examples that you may not have thought about that may impact your decisions.

Selling Home Costs in Vancouver:

  • Realtors Fees – are agreed upon beforehand.  There is no set fee or commission, it will depend on the services we will provide.
  • Sprucing up your home to get ready for a sale can involve painters, gardeners or home stagers.
  • Home inspection fee you may want to invest a home inspection report on hand for prospective buyers.  To show the condition of the home for moisture, plumbing, roofing, and insulation.
  • GST the gst applies to realtors fees, any contractors, and home inspections.
  • Adjustments such as property taxes reimburse the buyer depending on the time you stay in the home, and or secondary suite rentals transferring security deposits to the buyer.
  • Legal or Notary Public Fees
  • Final Utility payments
  • Moving and cleaning fees
  • Cost of clearing the property title.

These are some of the selling home costs in Vancouver as well as the lower mainland.  Contact us today to go over what your specific costs will be.

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