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I’m sure you see the trends on your Facebook or the news periodically that gives you an indication of the growth or slip of the House & Condo selling prices.  But did you know, that this is just an average taking into account all of Greater Vancouver, all the price ranges, and all the types of homes?

Prices of your specific home need to be assessed individually through comparables with those that are similar to yours:

  • Are they in the same neighborhood?
  • Around the same age home?
  • The same type of home – house or condo?
  • Do they have the same square footage or living space?
  • In the same condition?
  • Have any upgrades and renovations been done?

Imagine if you were the buyer… would you cross shop between a 2 bedroom condo in Brentwood, Burnaby and a 6 bedroom house in Kitsilano on the Westside?

When you sell, the potential buyers think the same way.  That’s why as your listing agent, we need to advise correctly, with more detailed information to give you the most accurate expectations.  Top selling prices are achieved not by overpricing and risking the listing going stale, but by pushing up from the current market value.  All our marketing and negotiation efforts are geared towards this, as proven by our track record in 2017 with 100% of our house and condos selling prices sold at building or area record prices!

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