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We love to help sell homes and see our clients move on to the next stage in their lives whether downsizing or starting a family in a larger home.  Our clients become our friends, and friends become our family.  We will always protect our family’s interests. That is what we strive to convey to those who ask us to Help Sell my Home in Vancouver.  

How to sell a house?

Selling depends on a lot of strategy and timing.  Every house/condo is different depending on the location, layout, décor, age, and most importantly, price.  Essentially, the key to selling is to identify the largest target market with potential buyers, and marketing to appeal to this group.

Do you know, in your neighborhood, what kind of demographic it appeals to the most? 

What their purchase habits are like?

What are they attracted to? 

Our team here at understands this key to selling your home, to advise and utilize the most effective strategy to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

This may include but are not limited to:

  • A listing on MLS with high-resolution photographs,
  • professional décor staging,
  • accurate floor plans,
  • professional videography,
  • Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns,
  • campaigns,
  • and of course professional guidance throughout the entire process including pricing/timing strategies.

When you decide to sell with, you give us the keys and we will do the rest.

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